GPSA Conference Teaching and Learning Panel call for submissions

Call for Submissions: Teaching Politics in a Time of Change

Covering 2016—A “Huge, Unbelievable” Election Year: Teaching Politics in a Time of Change

This year’s Teaching and Learning Panel will focus on the 2016 election cycle. Specifically, how did professors cover this “unique” election year in their classrooms?

UPDATE: Submission deadline extended to Oct. 1

This year’s cycle seems contrary to conventional political science wisdom; in light of this, how do we cover the unconventional? For example, did Trump’s claiming the system was unfair open up ways to teach the difference between primaries and caucuses? Did social media open avenues to more engage students? Will this cycle cause long term changes to the way we cover certain topics? Keeping in line with the larger theme of the conference, how do we keep political science pedagogy relevant within this strange election cycle? We especially encourage professors teaching other than American Government classes to participate. Was this theme covered in IR related classes, or Comparative? What about Political Philosophy or PA? How does History cover it or other areas of The Liberal Arts? How do we cover other contemporary challenges to the political establishment elsewhere?

To be accepted for the teaching and learning session, we ask that you submit a proposal, with title, that works the theme into your presentation. This year, we really want to have substantive sessions on the theme in question. We ask that you prepare an overview of the teaching activity, with some supporting literature, to be shared with the group, and potentially posted on-line.

We have started a peer-edited teaching and learning consortium/newsletter/outlet which we are putting on the website. If you wish for your presentation to be reviewed for this, forward a short essay focusing on the project you presented. These should be less than ten pages in length and will be due Dec. 31. Submissions should include an overview of the teaching method, and a short, supporting literature review. Please note, you do not need this for the panel, and not all need to submit; only those wanting to share their work in our online proceedings. This is an attempt at working towards a teaching and learning consortium, where we can all see, replicate, adjust, and use each other’s teaching pedagogies!

Additionally, the teaching and learning committee is proud to announce it is keeping with the tradition of the GATE and GPSA SOTL (formerly GELT) teaching awards! The GATE Award is given for innovation in teaching based on a presentation at the teaching and learning session. The recipient of the GPSA SOTL Award is selected by committee and based on application criteria. Look for a more descriptive e-mail concerning awards in August.

Please send teaching and learning session proposal ideas to this year’s Program Chair and Teaching and Learning Coordinator: Dr. Craig Albert, at Please include Teaching and Learning Panel in the subject line and  e-mail your conference proposal by Oct. 1.


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