Questions in Politics Vol. II (2014)

Questions in Politics Vol. II (PDF)

    • “The Paradox of State Failure in Mexico,” Dwight Wilson
    • “Counterterrorist Finance Measures and the Extent of Culpability within the GCC,” Lauren Nicole Coughlin
    • “Are You Experienced? African American Candidates in Statewide Elections, 1964–2014 “, John A. Tures
    • “What’s Time Got to Do with It? Ballot Measures,  Strategic Timing, and Midterm Elections,” Joshua R. Meddaugh
    • “The Enemy Within: The Challenge of Domestic Terrorism,” Saundra J. Ribando and Amanda J. Reinke
    • “Pulling Back from the Brink in 2014: A Case Study of the Civil War in Syria,” Sarah Kuck and Jim Peterson
    • “In the Crosshairs: The American Radical Right and Government Employees,” Saundra J. Ribando, Amanda J. Reinke, and Scott Gorectke
    • “Crouching Dragon: The Role of Beijing in the South China Sea Embroglio,” Nalanda Roy
    • “Modeling Student Success: How Model UN Programs Can Enhance Performance and Persistence,” Martha Humphries Ginn, Craig Douglas Albert, Lance Hunter, Kirsten Fitzgerald, and Andrew Phillips

Questions in Politics Vol. I (2013)

Questions in Politics Vol. I (PDF)

  • “Post-Local Autonomy Settlement and Local Minorities: A Comparative Analysis of Minority Accommodation in Aceh, Kosovo, and Sudan,” Arild Schou
  • “From Armed Struggle to Peaceful Change: ETA’s Role in a Basque Peace Process,” Cleo Dan
  • “The Critical Elections of 1968 and 1992,” John A. Tures
  • “The Natural State’s Unnatural Politics: Democratic Dominance in an Otherwise Red State,” Nicholas A.
  • “Presidential Power and ‘Midcentury Conditions’: An Analytical Essay Remembering Richard Neustadt and Reevaluating His Ideas,” Carl D. Cavelli
  • “Digital Tocqueville: Democracy in the Information Age,” Jennifer Joines
  • “China’s Rise in a Changing Regional Hierarchy: A Comparison of 21st-Century China to 20th-Century Germany,” Thomas Nisley
  • “Lost at Sea: How Past Disagreements in the U.S. Senate Continue to Block Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty,” Julia Schast
  • “The Politics-Administration Dichotomy: Perceptions from Administrators in Masculine and Feminine State Agencies,” Beth M. Rauhaus
  • “Examining the Factors That Lead to Student Departure at AikenTechnical College,” Jameka N. Jackson